How To Get Your Perfect Tattoo Design: Must-Read for Tattoo Virgins

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Let's face it: everyone has, at some point, flirted with the idea of getting a tattoo (that is, if you don't have one already!)

You often hear things like: "I really want to get a tattoo, but I can't choose what to get!". You might have all these ideas of the perfect tattoo in your mind, but many times it can be very difficult to visualize the entire design. And you probably won't find it in the catalog down at the tattoo shops...

Whether you are looking for a special tattoo that has it's own specific meaning, representing your love for something or someone or a certain period in your life, or you want a unique image, like a dragon-monkey with laser shooting out of its eyes (!!!), Tattoodo's got your back!

With our Custom Design Contests, you can have artists from all over the world designing a unique tattoo for you.  Starting at $99, the Contests are the perfect medium for you to describe your idea, the style you want, it's placement, and include reference material. Our tattoo designers (more than 3,000 worldwide!) will take it from there and start submitting drawings for you. You then rate these designs and provide feedback and things you love and changes to be made. Once you have a design you love, we send you a Hi-Res version for you to take to your tattoo shop of choice. And if you don't know where to go we can help you with that as well.

Here are some examples of design contests and how the Tattoodo Contest interface works.

Tattoo designs
Tattoo designs
Tattoo designs
Tattoo designs

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I totally recommend Tattoodo to anyone who wishes to have an AWESOME tattoo design. Great treatment, great experience, great professionals! - Juliana Queiroz, Brazil

Tattoo designs
Tattoo designs

My Tattoo was designed by a dozen different talented artists across the world. The results were 3 amazing drawings that were so good that I ended up inking all 3 designs! - John Dzeima, USA

Still not convinced? Check out this clip of Ami James explaining how Tattoodo works.

Made my bizarre tattoo dream a reality without having to lift a finger. I had long dreamed of creating a somewhat bizarre family crest for the men in my family to have tattooed. After writing a brief description and answering a few follow-up questions, I had my dream design. Love-Dart was amazing to work with. Want the dog to be a wolf instead? No problem. Add shading? Sure thing. Easy as pie. Great experience. - Zach Sandman Want to read more testimonials? Click here and happy Inking! :)


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