Long Legs And Thigh Tattoos

Thigh tattoos are a recent trend that has real potential to stick around, this spot on the body works for many types of ink works.

A personal favorite of all thigh tattoos is the dainty girl showing off her edgy side with some soft, intricate black and gray ink that manages to enhance her feminine feel. Thigh tattoos can work for men as well, could a different place for a portrait rather than the expected shoulder.

People have gone sweet and simple with fine lined quotes all the way up to vastly detailed geometric works creating a lot of different thigh tattoos. This area seems to work for just about anything. Thigh tattoos can have a somewhat limitless quality about them.

Although thigh tattoos have a particularly sultry appeal (when chosen wisely) on a woman, this space isn’t gender specific. The thigh is a bigger part of the body, no matter what size you are you’ll have decent space to work with. 

Pros and cons are a fair way to figure out if something works for you, in this case: thigh tattoos. When it comes to weight both loss and gain in rapid and/or large amounts tattoos can be effectively damaged. Also, sun will bake them out bad. Thighs are prone to cellulite and many people have stretch marks in that area, things like this are important to keep in mind if a thigh tattoo is going to happen. Maybe not for everyone but it is very possible ink on the thigh won’t look as beautiful as ever, forever.

Should you be fortunate enough to not struggle with weight issues and are able to lotion away stretch marks while blocking out UV rays, a pro is that thigh tattoos don’t hurt that much. They hurt, obviously, it’s a needle not a crayon but the pain from thigh tattoos is tolerable and far from a placement of cringing discomfort. Before you’re through weighing it out scroll these works ideas. Search for inspiration because legs and thigh tattoos go well together! See if you’re someone who could rock thigh tattoos or not.