Polynesian Tattoos: Your Own Spiritual Armor Suit

At first sight, the tribal style of polynesian tattoos, look like a complicated composition of symbols, fitting like a bodysuit.
No matter which body part you want to get inked, you're putting an immense spiritual and material meaning into every symbol, line or figure, you add into these compositions, because, our body, combined with our tattoos, creates a link between Papa (earth) and Rangi (heaven), two spiritual entities living in polynesian culture. So, don't just get a mark on your skin, but try to build your own spiritual armorsuit, which gives it a much more deep meaning compared to a simple tattoo.
As an example, this sleeve represents the elements, harmony and eternity from the marquesan crosses, and strength from the shark teeth, and it's all bound into one big beautiful composition.
Tattoo by Shane Gallagher Coley.
In this case, we got two additional body parts, which got their own meanings. As for the chest, we get generosity, honour and joy; and for the lower trunk, we go for sexuality, procreation and life's energy.
Does anyone know who did this?
Here, we got an amazing back piece tattoo, representing the human figure, the sun and the whole balance between the elements.
Tattoo done by Jean Michel Manutea, from Imago studio, Montréal.
And finally, we got this amazing leg composition, where we can see how a polynesian tattoo should really fit onto the body.
Another amazing piece, this time a full leg, still from Jean Michel Manutea.
Remember guys and girls, especially, if you're new to the tattoo world, don't just go for the aesthetic, but always try to make it as personal and deep as you can!