Tattoo acceptance hits big screen in "Dreamer's Reality" (Video)

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Hey fellow tattoo enthusiasts... my name is Alwan, I am 31 and from the good 'ol boring town of Peoria, IL... I hope you enjoyed the trailer to my film "Dreamer's Reality" which is a documentary on tattoo acceptance and what people are willing to risk to make their dreams a reality. This entire film from funding to production to editing was all me... I even have everyones favorite tattoo cover-up artist Dirk Vermin, a tattooed sports medicine doctor, a guy that ended a tour with motley crue & alice cooper, plus many others in the film. I am currently awaiting results from the film festivals before I can officially release the film. So the first link is the trailer and the second link is a fundraiser I started to help out person from my film who has risked everything to make their dream a reality and now has nothing and could use a helping hand. Before you are quick to judge read the entire backstory on the film on the fundraiser page before just ignoring my request to get help raising money. Any help from sharing the links to actual donations will be greatly appreciated...

Dreamer’s Reality Trailer:

Dreamer’s Reality Facebook:

Lurid Studios(the company I own) Facebook:

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31year old indie filmmaker from the midwest. I just recently shot my first time which is a documentary on tattoo acceptance and what people will risk to live their dreams. It is called "Dreamer's Reality" check out the Facebook page for it. Here is also a link to the trailer:


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