Tattooed Professionals: Okay Or Not?

Are Tattooed professionals: okay or not? Opinions are never agreed upon as a whole anyway.
For people like us who love tattoos, it's definitely OK! And why not? It's the good work ethic that matters, not somebody else's skin! So what do you think? Let's have an intelligent, informative & polite discussion.
This news article has been going around for weeks now and a lot of netizens were fired up by the question. Personally, i'd let this woman teach my children if I saw that she's good & passionate in what she does. How about you?
"Pathologist Dr. Ed Friedlander displays his tattoo with a medical directive to not use CPR. Friedlander is among a growing number of people who are getting tattoos that tell doctors and first responders about their medical concerns, from chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma to allergies and more. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) — AP" More about him here.
We hope you enjoyed this article. :) Share your photos in uniforms too! It would be awesome to see your tattoos! Have a nice day everyone!