"Tattoos for Girls!"... Are they really?

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It’s not a secret that the battle for Gender Equality is an ongoing issue in modern society. However as time has progressed, it is being appreciated more so now than ever. As miniscule as this may seem, tattoos are frequently being stereotyped by gender. I myself have fallen into this trap many times before. I have always been under the impression that as a woman I have a certain standard to uphold. Trust me, this has never been something to come naturally. I wouldn’t know how to be feminine even if you slapped me with a bra. Now don’t get me wrong I have the kind of parents who were always comfortable with my whirlwind of life choices as long as I was happy doing it. In fact I fully and entirely blame society with the constant shit stream you see in the media. It wasn’t until January 2013 that I actually realised it was okay to think a different way. For my 21st birthday I booked in my second – yet a hell of a lot more relevant than the first – tattoo.

Before I begin my long journey to the present day, I’m going to add in that the studio I went to is somewhere I’ve been going for piercings for the past 6 years of my life. So I was absolutely certain it was completely clean and the staff were very professional… Okay. On with the rambling.

I went in there with a semi-open mind. Knowing what I wanted but not knowing how to work it out.  Basically I wanted a Harry potter tattoo (laugh… I dare you.) I was referred to an artist that I’ve never met before and as you can imagine I was scared shitless. However after 15 minutes, I knew exactly what I wanted and felt 100% at ease.

This is the part where I talk about myself and my awesome tattoos for the next 16 paragraphs. You now have permission to leave.

That… is when this happened.

Tattoo done by Tony @ Dermagraffiti Liverpool
Tattoo done by Tony @ Dermagraffiti Liverpool

As you can see it kicks so much arse that I almost feel bad about bragging… moments gone. It’s pretty sweet isn’t it!? I’m sure by now you’re all face down on the floor kicking and screaming, desperate to know who the mystery man is and “Oh my gosh, just tell us what studio!”

Okay, okay you've waited long enough. The brains behind this beauty is a tattoo artist called Tony who works in a well-known Liverpool based tattoo studio, Dermagraffiti. Tony is in fact as you can see a very professional artist, who just so happens to work around a fantastic group of incredibly talented artists and piercers. Having a tattoo that showed a huge part of my personality meant a great deal to me. I loved having it be something that could be worn by anyone in the world no matter what gender… but it was mine.

This next one is very special to me, because as I touched on in my first article, it is symbolic and means a great deal. It represents – beautifully might I add – my grandparents who sadly passed. Tony managed to bring something so perfect, to life. This tattoo represents not only my completely unique grandparents but it reminds me that I am who they intended me to be, whether that be represented by tattoos or a successful career. Putting the two together and being able to carry around something so heart-warming means more to me than having it fit in with a gender stereotype.

Tattoo by Tony @ Dermagraffiti Liverpool
Tattoo by Tony @ Dermagraffiti Liverpool

Now, this is the part where it gets truly exciting! Okay so at this point I had two perfect pieces and a completely open mind, that’s when I decided “Christ, one Harry Potter tattoo isn’t enough, surely!?” Here comes the point I’ve been trying to make via rambling. I wanted a chest tattoo, any woman with a full chest piece will agree with me when I say there will always be that one person who believes this is the least feminine choice you could ever make. If I knew my family wouldn’t be reading this I probably wouldn’t attempt to sensor myself right now, all I can say to that is forget them, they don’t matter.  I’m absolutely sure you’ll all be sick of me saying this now but here goes… If you want it go get it! I still believe it’s the most genuine thing I’ve ever done because it makes me feel so confident and beautiful whenever I look at it. So here goes, tattoo number three.

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Tattoo done by Tony @ Dermagraffiti Liverpool
Tattoo done by Tony @ Dermagraffiti Liverpool

Tell me that’s not perfect! Also keep in mind that this is in fact a cover up. I think he did a damn fine job. I have to be honest this is the piece that changed my perspective. I figured that having something so creative and imaginative to have no feminine qualities but still managed to make me feel so confident had to be worth talking about right? After this beauty was created I had already steered right off the girly flower trail and just started to consider things I loved, things I feel I wanted to be a part of me. Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and girls! Give it up for the one, the only Mr Fredrickson!

Tattoo done by Tony @ Dermagraffiti Liverpool
Tattoo done by Tony @ Dermagraffiti Liverpool

Isn’t it just adorable? This is a work in progress and is my most recent. This was just for pure comedic value but it’s just amazing! This is the part where I come to the end of my gallery and show you the last but most definitely not least tattoo that I just so happen to be incredibly proud of. So for all of you over 30’s this one’s for you. It became very apparent to me that gender stereotypes were absolutely irrelevant at this point. So instead of wanting to conform to society’s rules and regulations, Tony helped me steer my creativity in a completely different direction, here we have the Piéce de résistance…

*Enter Eric and Ernie*

Tattoo done by Tony @ Dermagraffiti Liverpool
Tattoo done by Tony @ Dermagraffiti Liverpool

When I was growing up I was absolutely convinced that my granddad was magic. He used to use my empty sweet packets to catch invisible objects (it wasn’t until he introduced me to Morecambe and Wise that I realised it was in actual fact a packet full of lies…) However, I still to this day swear that my granddad is Eric Morecambe. Observe.

Christmas time meant Morecambe and Wise and I couldn’t for the life of me walk down any corridor without at least attempting the “Bring Me Sunshine” skip. I knew straight away when the tattoo bug infected me that I had to have it. Let’s be real, that right there is in no way feminine, but forget you I rock it.

So there you have it. A gallery of mismatched, comical, gender bending beauty. I can say this from the heart because it was a huge life lesson for me, gender means nothing when you have the ability to be what you love. It turns out my idea of “Tattoos for Girls!” Are tattoos for whoever the hell wants them? Don’t let society cloud your view because you will always be your own person.

You did it! You made it to the end without smashing your head against any walls… hopefully.

Once again I am extremely grateful for the appreciation I seem to be getting and I can’t put into words how amazing it feels (without rambling for 16 paragraphs.) If you haven’t already I would be incredibly grateful once more if you could check out my previous articles;

Please remember to always pick hygiene and quality over convenience and budget.



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