The Inkspiration APP by P.INK: especially for Breast Cancer survivors

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We salute all the lovely women of the world who fought & survived Breast Cancer (and those with all kinds of cancer). We know that having scars especially on our womanly parts can be quite depressing. Cheer up woman, because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL & full of Life once more. Think of your scars as badges of honor (just like a tattoo!)----for toughing it up like a soldier and fighting for Life!

And for that, P.Ink has designed a revolutionary APP especially made for Breast cancer survivors. It's called INKSPIRATION---a downloadable app that helps you try on various tattoo designs at the comfort & convenience of your very own mobile phone. Watch the video for more details. It's amazing!


Find your next tattoo

    Here's an example of a post-mastectomy tattoo done by David Allen. Mastectomy is a surgical term for removal of the breast (all or part of) that was affected by cancer. More info about Mastectomy at

    Tattoo by Esther Garcia
    Tattoo by Esther Garcia

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    Awesome mastectomy cover by Esther Garcia! More mastectomy tattoos on this blog :)

    And what's even better about this App is that it's linked to real tattoo artists who know how to apply a mastectomy tattoo!

    Learn more at :)

    Our love, prayers & support go to those who are fighting cancer.

    Have a blessed & lovely day everyone!

    "Love is All we need" ~The Beatles

    Check out our Pinterest board for more Mastectomy Tattoo ideas.



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