TOP 10 Tattoos By Eva Schatz

TOP 10 Tattoos By Eva Schatz

If you don't know Eva Schatz, you're in for a treat! She's a tattoo artist based in Salzburg, where she co-owns Mint Club Tattoo Atelier.
She does also do tattoo conventions, so if Austria is a bit far out and you are loving her art as much as I do - check out their website for the conventions and guest spots she's doing. She has a very new traditional kind of style and does a lot of beautiful lady heads - which she started drawing a lot of women during her studies fashion design.
She not only does gorgeous "conventional" lady heads but mixes them with strong graphic elements and sometimes they look a little freaky yet awesome. Here is my personal top 10 of some of the best tattoos by Eva Schatz, in no particular order because I just can't rank them !
Amazing circus inspired thigh piece - such vivid color! Tattoo by Eva Schatz
butterfly, tattoo by Eva Schatz
wolf, tattoo by Eva Schatz
Great example of Eva Schatz' diversity - new trad wolf piece showing smooth black and grey and pops of color.
nun, tattoo by Eva Schatz
tattoo by Eva Schatz
One of her signature lady heads - on the other thigh is an ariel piece she did several years ago. You can see her growth into her own signature style very well here.
dog tattoo, tattoo by Eva Schatz
chest tattoo, tattoo by Eva Schatz
If I would have to choose a favorite, the ballerina chest piece would probably be it!
tattoo by Eva Schatz
tattoo by Eva Schatz
tattoo by Eva Schatz
The last one is something I've never quite seen before, crisp!
If you'd like to see more from Eva Schatz  you can always go and like her facebook page *here*
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