Top 10 Tattoos By Paul Acker

Top 10 Tattoos By Paul Acker

If you're a fan of horror tattoos, take a look at tattoos by Paul Acker and his great interpretations of popular horror movie characters.
Paul Acker was born and raised in the Frankford part of Philadelphia. He started drawing when he was about three or four years old and discovered horror movies around that same time. As a child, he would read a lot of magazines and comics like “Fangoria” and “Tales from the Cript”. They proved to have a massive influence on his life, art, and childhood. In High School, he went to a special art school where he learned a lot about painting, drawing, sculpting, while having normal classes too. After graduating, he did a number of odd jobs and would spend his money on getting tattooed at a local biker shop. He would continuously draw his own original designs and show it to the artists at the shop. The artists were so impressed, they offered him an internship and he began tattooing full-time within two weeks.
Acker knew from the beginning what direction he wanted to take his tattooing career. The first couple of tattoos he did were all horror realism. The first one was a portrait of the crimson ghost from the Misfits, and the second tattoo was a portrait of Doug Bradly as Pinhead. He would then go on to work at a few other shops, never feeling like he “fitted in”, until he decided to open Deep Six Tattoo in March of 2006. This is where Acker was able to concentrate on what he really wanted to do—Horror realism tattoos.
He separates himself from other horror realism artists by approaching every tattoo as a painting and applying his unique interpretation to the subject with an emphasis on lighting, atmosphere, and a great character. Here are 10 of my favorite tattoos by Paul Acker:
Paul Acker Tattoos, tattoo by Paul Acker, Papa Emeritus II from the band, Ghost
Papa Emeritus II from the band, Ghost.
Fede Alvarez's Evil Dead
Akasha, Queen of the Damned.
Paul Acker Tattoos, tattoo by Paul Acker, Army of Two
Army of Two
Reproduction of Michael Hussar's painting, "Hans Memling".
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