TOP 5 Lettering Tattoos By BIG MEAS

TOP 5 Lettering Tattoos By BIG MEAS

If you are a big lettering fan, this guy is someone to look into! Justin Wilson better known as Big Meas takes lettering very seriously.
And is one of the few artists I know that does almost only lettering but does some kick ass bold other designs too! Based in Ohio, he tattoos at Distinction Tattoo - If you are interested you can find all info on his website. Let's get into my personal top 5 of his lettering tattoos, in no particular order.
"Grateful" lettering tattoo with some awesome yellow tones.
Big Meas, letter tattoo
"Determined" lettering, again with the old gold filigree feel in the capital D
© Big Meas
"Can't never could" lettering, gorgeous mix of different font
Big Meas, lettering tattoo
"Love leaves a memory no one can steal", probably my favorite if I had to choose - I love the mix of fonts !
Big Meas, lettering tattoo
Crisp, clean and simple "R"
Big Meas, lettering tattoo, face tattoo
A little sneeky one extra - great example of the other imagery he does!
Big Meas, lettering tattoo
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