10 Fantastic Finger Tattoos

Here’s the deal with finger tattoos, they’re always on display, which is why tattoos on the hands and fingers are labeled “job stoppers.”
Since this is the case any reputable professional shop will not put a hand/finger tattoo on a tattoo virgin. It’s not that the artists are being rude they’re actually looking out for their customers. Not everybody has the freedom of appearance that comes with working in a creative field. Unless someone is fully sleeved or otherwise significantly tattooed there’s no reason to fill up their hands and fingers, that’s the unspoken rule.
Now if you’re someone stubborn who refuses to wait to be 18 for whatever reckless reasons, or you simply ‘cannot live without’ a job stopper, it won’t be hard to find someone who will do it. Just remember you get what you pay for. At the very least you could look at the finished tattoo that you chose to get under the table and are wishing the money to pay for it was money for laser removal. At most, you could leave with an infection like hepatitis. Infections are not worth any tattoo. If you’re going to be dumb, be smart about it. Or maybe just be responsible enough to wait and earn the tattoo you’ll get to wear the rest of your life.
The harsh reality of hand and finger tattoos:

-The skin on the fingers and hands is thinner than other areas of the body (prone to fading)
-Palms sweat and a new tattoo needs to be fairly dry.

-Hands and fingers are constantly in use, the bending and stretching is brutal on the tattoo.
-The only time a finger tattoo will look great is the day it’s done.

-Tattoos on the fingers and hands are destined to fade dramatically (even if you’re Rihanna who can get the “shhh” on the side of her finger touched up as often as she wants.)
Tattoos on the hands and fingers are considered a right of passage in the industry. So for those who know what they’re getting into, the sketchy healing process, the drastic fading etc. and they still decide to go through with it, these 10 finger tattoos set the bar. Truly stunning work is being done at Bang Bang in NYC. This won’t be the last Tattoodo article on that stellar shop.
What does the fox say? Artist Elizabeth Markov
Lion portait by Bang Bang
Chandelier design by Jon Mesa
Tiger by Elizabeth Markov.
Egyptian head by Elizabeth Markov (@lazerliz)
Big cat done at Bang Bang.
Jesus portrait, @elemags on Instagram