Fantastic Finger Tattoos

Fantastic Finger Tattoos

You're going to want to show off those digits when you've got a rad finger tattoo.

Here’s the deal with finger tattoos, they’re always on display, which is why tattoos on the hands and fingers are often labeled “job stoppers.” We've come a long way in getting rid of shitty stereotypes toward tattoos, but they are a reality, so you have to be ready before getting a finger tattoo. 

Since this is the case any reputable professional shop will not put a hand/finger tattoo on a tattoo virgin. It’s not that the artists are being rude they’re actually looking out for their customers. Not everybody has the freedom to show off their tattoos that comes with working in a creative field. Unless someone is fully sleeved or otherwise significantly tattooed there’s no reason to fill up their hands and fingers, that’s the unspoken rule.

Now that you understand that the tattoo is going to be highly visible, you're going to want to get a piece that you can truly be proud of.  

What does the fox say? Artist Elizabeth Markov
Lion portait by Bang Bang

It wasn't until very recently that people even dared to try styles like realism on the fingers. For starters, your finger isn't very big. It's going to be difficult to get a ton of detail packed into a tattoo in such a small place. But there are a new breed of artists like Bang Bang, Elizabeth Markov, Dr. Woo, and Ben Grillo who have pushed the envelope and proven to us that finger tattoos can be jaw dropping. 

Egyptian head by Elizabeth Markov (@lazerliz)
Jesus portrait, @elemags on Instagram
Cally Jo shows off her finger tattoos from Megan Massacre. (Via IG - callyjoart)

There you have it, some of the most impressive finger tattoos in the world. If you're ready to take the big bold step into getting a finger tattoo of your own, you should check out one of these tremendous artists. 

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