12 Delicious And Delightful Food Tattoos

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The Holidays & festivities aren't over yet, 'cause 2015 is coming real soon! So here's a good reason to forget your diet (for now) & celebrate with a cup in hand & some really good food to reward ourselves!! 2014 might have been a roller coaster ride to some of us. Let's be thankful for that & leave it behind. Let's welcome 2015 with a blast!!! Relax, enjoy, eat, drink & be merry! We hope we get you cravin' these 12 delicious & delightful food tattoos.  :) Happy Holidays everyone!!!

"It will be the death of me."Amazing realistic tattoo by Boris (Boris Tattoo)

Check out this unique Day of the Dead veggie skull! Can you spot all the veggies?

Stay Hungry for Life! Tattoo by Richard Smith (Thicker than Water tattoo, NYC)

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Looks so inviting!

These finger tattoos are so cute!

Here's a good idea for the tattooed chefs

Floral ice cream. Sweet!

Here's a great reminder to eat your veggies

Here's my order.

Also got time pho that! Lemme have some!

Ya feel me?!

Aww man now i want pizza! We hope we filled your eyes up (if not your bellies) with these hot & fresh tattoos! For more Food tattoos, check this out!



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