13 Beautiful Ouroboros Tattoos

13 Beautiful Ouroboros Tattoos

This would make a meaningful tattoo to welcome the New year: The Ouroboros-an ancient symbol of a serpent or dragon eating its own tail
One of the oldest mystical symbols of the world! It represents birth, death & renewal. The infinite cycle of Life. It can be perceived as Life enveloping itself; where the past (tail) appears to disappear but is really moving inwardly/outwardly to a new reality---vanishing from view but still existing. Same goes with how we measure time, where we believe a year is a total of 365 days before it refreshes into a new one. Isn't that mind-blowing or what? 2015 is dawning, and we wish you all the best of luck as we eat up & swallow what we had in 2014 & grow refreshed and ready to gobble up 2015 (much like the Ouroboros!) We hope these 13 Beautiful Ouroboros tattoos inspire you.
Cheers to a New Year!

(Tattoos in cover photo by Sasha Unisex)
Tattoo by Marla Moon
Its name originates from the Greek word "Oura" meaning 'tail', and "Boros" meaning 'eating'.
Tattoo by Alex Tabuns
Generally taking on circular form, the symbol represents many broad concepts associated with Time, Life, Death, continuity & self-sufficiency.
Ouroboros Tattoos
Awesome trivia: The mathematical symbol for 'infinity' was derived from the Ouroboros.
Tattoo done at Sphinx Southern Oracle Tattoos.
It's such an old & badass symbol that it was first seen in early Egypt as a symbol of the Sun. "Chrysopoeia", The Alchemical textbook about turning base metal to Gold (written in 3rd century Egypt by a certain Kleopatra, a female philosopher), contains drawings of an Ouroboros representing a serpent that is half-light half-dark, illustrating the dual nature of things. The book is centered to one idea that says "One is All"---a concept related to ancient hermetic wisdom. :-O
Spot this amazing Ouroboros sleeve by Daniel Meyer!
Artist unknown
An Ouroboros encircling a vegvisir compass. More compass tattoos on this blog. ;)
Yin and Yang Ouroboros tattoo
Yin & Yang.
Here's a tattoo inspired by the seven-segmented Aztec Ouroboros.
Artist unknown
Here are few placement ideas: On the back of your hand
Artist unknown
Ouroboros tattoo like a bracelet
Like a bracelet...
Ouroboros Tattoo, artist unknown
or encircling the elbow.
Tattoo by Ryan Calleja, Good Hand Tattoo
this one on our friend Dindo done by Ryan Calleja, Good Hand Tattoo.

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