19 Tattoos That Literally Everyone Got In 2014

The good people over at Buzzfeed compiled this list of the “19 tattoos that literally everyone got in 2014
It's almost the New Year!!! What better way to sum up 2014 than to look back at some of its most popular tattoos. Did anyone get one of these tattoos this year?! :)
1. World Map Outline
2. Arrows
3. Roman Numerals
roman numarals
4. Glyphs
5. Hummingbirds
6. Coordinates
7. The Intricate Infinity
8. “This Too Shall Pass”
9. Diamond Outlines
10. “Believe”
11. Heartbeats/EKG Reading
12. City Skylines
13. Hashtags
14. Finger Tattoos
15. Paw Prints
16. Feathers…
17. …and Feathers That Turn Into Birds
18. Geometric
19. Constellations
The list provided from Buzzfeed: 19 tattoos that literally everyone got in 2014. Link to original article.