3 Steps To Get A Discount In A Tattoo Shop

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What’s up inked earthlings out there!

Let’s talk about how to get a discount in a tattoo shop.

How? Easy. Follow these three steps program: 1 – Speak (sorry shy people). 2 – What to speak (sorry shallow people). 2.1 – The content. 3 – To listen (sorry everyone). This is useful under any circumstances in life too.

First step: Speak. Don’t just sit there complaining. Share. I, particularly, don’t like to share personal stuff with people I don’t know. Fuck no. But that’s up to you. I start with some good ol’cheap talk, which I’ll make sure to turn into a productive conversation.


Second step: What to communicate? The tattoo artist, if he loves his craft, understands it deeply. He’s a scholar of the art. How to get his attention? Well, you’ll have to give him something interesting. Got it? Make him curious. Show him you appreciate his craft and knows one or two things.


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    Sencond.one step: The content. Knud Harald Lucky Gegersen, or Mr. Tattoo or just Lucky. Ring any bell? No?  He’s the Marco Polo of tattoing in a way. The guy who brought professional tattoo to south America, specifically to Brazil. He was a Danish tattoo artist who arrived in Brazil and lived in Santos, a coast city in Sao Paulo State back in 1959. Before him there were no professionals tattoo artists here. His tatts were traditional, Danish school to the core. He was a painter too. His art translated to other venues. He paved the way for professional tattooing in Brazil, any ink made by him here, is something like having any Yoshihito Nakano on your body today. Memorable. He passed away in 1983, at the young age of 55.

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    Third Step: To listen. Now you have something. If the tattoo artist is in a good mood, knows his shit, this will ignite him into talking. You will be able to at least talk about Lucky and likely everything else: Danish tattooing, old school tattoos, Brazil, travels, women, or men, soccer, caipirinha, hang overs. You’ll be able to get to know each other a bit. Laugh. He or she will notice you.


    The first step for your discount it’s done. Make that happen one or more two times and bingo. But maybe you never see a discount.  You might become friends. And that shit is priceless. You won’t ever need a discount.



    Getting by, never too far, never to close.


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