4 Tattoo Artists To Inspire Your Next Ink - Part 1

What's kicking my fellow Inked Earthlings.

First things first. I need to settle some administrative things here. From this day on my posts will suggest a soundtrack for an enhanced experience. I know, I know, fuck me right? But then again, I'm just sharing some good tunes. Be cool about it.

I'm not quite certain about the format just yet. Some tests will be needed. Be patient.

Action Bronson - Easy Rider.

Let's do this.

Sometimes we run out of inspiration. Everything feels quite the same. Stale.The ordinary takes control and impose all its claws on our imagination.We can't have that. Specially when we're planning for our next FUCKING  TATTOO or whatevs.

Therefore, I'll be doing a 3 post series with some serious work to inspire you. Pietro Sedda

Pietro sedda tattoo artwork
Pietro sedda tattoo artwork

This Italian surrealist artist is my favorite at the moment. Do you want 34 ideas in one? Plus, everything looking flawless? Give him a call. His work is a masterpiece. Very good lining. With more than 15 years of experience  on his back. Not that you'd care. It's amazing how far this former fashion designer has come and amazed.

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Let's say you're passionate about mangá (Japanese comics) and want a big Death Note (awesome anime, check it out) piece on your back . Plus, you want a old-school panther. And a flaming dagger as well. Who could do it you ask yourself. Look no further. Genko does all that, more and perfect too. I don't no if it's the fish or the rice, but those cats in japan tattoo like there's no tomorrow every time.

How many times you saw a tatt and thought: Da fuck? That's fuuucking amazing. Your brain shuts down for about three mili seconds and your brain farts? More than once? I doubt it. Congrats here's your next brain's fart.  Her work needs no introduction. Speak for it self. Literally. Kidding hehe. They still don't. But boy... They do a lot.

Apro Lee tattoo
Apro Lee tattoo

The first time I saw his art I cried. Alright. I didn't. Just cause I'm a heartless piece of shit. But you're not. I think. Cry! haha This guy hails from South freaking Korea. The place it's technically at war with the north still. Crazy. Every trace he does screams how passionate and precise this young gentleman is.  You should get your tattoo fix with him ASAP.

Apro Lee tattoo
Apro Lee tattoo


Are you inspired? Are you scratching yourself? Fuck. I know I am. But let me know. Which one of them would you get a tattoo tomorrow? You can't say all or none! haha

Have a good one!

Go get inked!!!



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