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Cancer Survivor Granny Surprises Family With A Tattoo On Her 90th Birthday

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It was indeed surprising how Canterbury granny Heather Brooks surprised her family (and wowed all of us!) by getting her first ever tattoo on her whopping 90th birthday! Now that's an awesome way to rock the 90s! While most grandparents would choose to spend their birthdays on family reunions, splurge on new clothes, shoes or a glass of wine or sherry, this 90-year-old lady chose to take it to the next level and really turn this new chapter of her life a refreshed, meaningful and rocking one by getting a pink ribbon tattoo as tribute to winning her 5-year battle with cancer. Oh, we just love her to bits! <3

"I think the tattoo artist at Belly Bar (Canterbury, Kent) was a bit surprised when I turned up, but once we had agreed on the design, he got to work & it didn't hurt at all", said Mrs. Brooks happily. Her grandchildren, Ashton & Kendal, and daughter Clare were her inspiration in getting the tattoo.

"The nurses and doctors have been amazing & now i'm all clear. It just seemed to be a fitting tribute to cancer research who do such good work", added Heather, explaining why she got her pink ribbon tattoo. "I owe my life to them, and I am so lucky to have an amazing family around me." 

Terry Wright, who runs the Belly Bar Tattoo studio mentioned that "Heather is certainly our oldest client ever and she was great fun---a real bundle of joy."

Her tattoo artist, Cat Meicu, happily offers her next tattoo to be absolutely FREE when she returns on her 100th birthday. Would be awesome to see that happen!

Mrs. Brooks surely captured our hearts, and we wish our brave tattooed granny more birthdays to come.

We pray for & support those who are battling cancer now. And we salute its survivors. Soldiers like our tough granny Heather Brooks.


We hope this article inspired you. We bid you a good day! :)

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