Covered In Many Colors

Covered In Many Colors

Many colors! If you’re an ink enthusiast it’s hard not to smile at the thought of all the different ways to use the endless palette of hues.
Reds, blues, greens, the entire rainbow if that’s your prerogative. Of course black and gray tattoos will never be out of style, they’re classic and they can be done with elegant detail or have perfect simplicity, either way black gray looks great. Colorless class is wonderful but would you want to spend your life watching only black and gray movies? Adding color offers a different level inspiration.
One of the first questions a tattoo artist asks their client is; color or black and gray? Color or no color weighs on how much a tattoo costs. If you don’t have a solid answer yet, consider what you’re working with. What’s the subject of your tattoo? Certain elements have a stronger impact when done in color such as oceans or sunsets, things that have trademark colors, not saying either of those must be done in color, it’s just best to picture the tattoo both ways. Another key question is; where’s the tattoo going to go? Placement is always an important factor. Will the tattoo affect your job? There’s no doubt that a colored sleeve shouts louder than one done in black and gray. So before go under the needle consider how the tattoo will look in both styles. Should it be black and gray, or would the use of color make the design more favorable? Will the placement be obvious to onlookers? Below you’ll see watercolor works by the famed tattoo artist Sasha Unisex and vivid pieces by Megan Massacre, two artists who knows how to wield the color sword just right. Have fun scrolling through, see if color works for you.
A sleeve like that would be hard to miss, done at Bang Bang in NYC.
Watercolor by Sasha Unisex.
Anchor tree by Koray Karagozler.
Another one by Sasha Unisex.
Awesome sparrow outlines. See more like this.
Color tattoos take more time than black and gray in order to fully saturate, the skin can only handle so much trauma so it's a delicate balance.
Color definitely makes a statement.Girls with tattoos are a wonderful thing.
Lots of color in this Japanese sleeve found on, more Japanese tattoos.
What's to love more, the pop of red against the black or the stylish use of negative space?
Maybe you're a color person like this alternative model, all the way from your head to your sleeve.
Traditional piece done brightly by Jim Miner.
Color pop cat, Bang Bang in NYC.
Even a little color catches the eye.
Peacock sleeve done at Bobek Tattoo.
Ocean half sleeve that really stands out.
Had to put this in for the writers out there who love ink on more than just paper.
Color brings out the sparkle.
Adam Von Rothfelder blinded by all the color.
Personal favorites from Pinterest: Jena Rogers.
A color twist on the classic, lovely blue roses.
Color scheme is crucial and smooth blending takes patience. It paid off with this coocoo new school owl.
Two of my favorite things in one tattoo! Awesome use of colors in rose and dagger done at High Voltage Tattoo.
Crazmazing owl chest piece that deserves more than one Tattoodo mention, artist Dan Pemble. Future husband take note.
Color tattoos by a color expert.
Victorian themed cartoon portait of a client's dog, done on NY Ink by Megan Massacre.
Stunning ruby red heart and skeleton keys by Megan Massacre.
When it comes to color, every time Megan Massacre owns it.
Lion tattooed on the inner arm featured on New York Ink.
Best for last, not just because of the placement and pose, or because This guy is as whimsical as he is fierce. It's because of the story. M.M.'s client got this tattoo as a symbol of sobriety not only is she sober now but she always has been. The owner of this tattoo have never done drugs or had a single drink. Something like that is worthy of taking pride in.
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