Delicate Inner Ear Tattoos

Delicate Inner Ear Tattoos

Delicate inner ear tattoos that definitely deserve our attention!

While the inner ear is very small place to get tattooed, it's also very visible. When you use the right artist for the job, you can end up with a delicate piece full of detail, or tattoo that just looks simply stunning. But when you don't do your research, you can end up with something other than the delicate little flower you had in mind. Let's take a look at some really feminine flower ear tattoos.

Pink flower
Collection of little colorful flowers
Yellow rose
Little pink flower with torn leaf

I actually never really thought of getting a tattoo on the inside of my ear, or around it for that matter, but when I took a look at some of these pieces... Maybe I'm starting to change my mind! While the designs are very personal, as are all tattoos, I wouldn't mind having some of these on my skin myself. But let's all just use these for a little inspiration shall we?

Delicate branch with flower buds
Butterfly tattoo
A skull that uses the natural form of the ear
Black geometric design
Beautiful peacock feather
Feminine curl tattoo

Of course, the choice of the artist is critical when you want something on such a small place. But you also have to consider what you want, because let's face it, not everything is possible. One advantage you do have when you decide to get an inner ear tattoo is that you can combine it with a piercing for just that extra little touch.

Little purple flower with piercing in the middle
Colored shark
Brightly colored flower tattoo
Pink flower with a piercing in the middle

As we said before, the ear is a very visible place to be tattooed. But bare in mind that you can always cover it with a hat or a scarf or even with your hair if it's long enough. And shouldn't you be able to show off your ink, wherever it's placement, wherever you go?! Of course, there are also a few examples of some more manly inner ear tattoos:

Miniature koi tattoo
Complicated geometric designed tattoo
Another perfect example of how to create a skull using the shape of the ear
If you recongnize your work/your artist's work, please be so kind as to let us know in the comments below :-)
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