I F****** Hate Christmas Shopping

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Once again Christmas is coming. It a time for joy and laughter, for spending time with the family. It’s a time for hopeful children to wonder what could be in those wonderful presents, while the scent of the delicious food fills the room, and the snow is gently falling outside the window. It is also time for that god damn Christmas shopping filled with annoying strangers that are fist fighting their way through the shopping street to give their kids the illusion that they actually care about them, or just to keep them f****** quiet, so the family can enjoy A LITTLE QUALITY TIME!!!

Ahhh.. the holidays… Holiday for the children. It’s all good. We survive it every holiday season and, come the New Year, it seems like we almost enjoyed it.

What we didn’t enjoy or succeeded at was finding a good present for mom, dad, friends, lovers.. We probably ended up with another Jamie Oliver cook book (number 7), or the Breaking Bad DVD, although we know that they’ve seen it, but then they can have the pleasure of waiting in line for 2 hours on January 3rd, to get a refund.. That should teach them to put ”Anything personal” on their wish list. 20% off if you are fast. This is all over now. We actually have the perfect gift for that uncle, brother, sister, mom, who is always going on and on about wanting to get a tattoo, but isn't sure about what to get. With the Tattoodo Gift Card, they get to have their own creative brainstorm with more than 4000 super skilled tattoo designers. There is even a 20% discount on the first 100 gift cards. So hurry up and get your X-mas shopping done!

The Tattoodo Gift Card comes as a cool plastic card or as an e-card (for those long-distance deliveries...)
The Tattoodo Gift Card comes as a cool plastic card or as an e-card (for those long-distance deliveries...)

Not sure how it works? Watch Ami James explain it in this short video:

Here are a few examples of custom work by our Tattoodo artists.

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Zeus portrait by Maingriz Artists.
Zeus portrait by Maingriz Artists.

Had a great experience on Tattoodo. Many great artists. Killer idea and best of all I got a killer tattoo design from it. Highly recommended. Thanks Tattoodo! Jonathan Gicewicz, USA

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I totally recommend Tattoodo to anyone who wish to have an AWESOME tattoo design. Great treatment, great experience, great professionals! Juliana Queiroz, Brazil

Merry Christmas. And good luck finding presents for the kids :D


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