Stay connected: Tattoos that combine or have a part two

Stay connected: Tattoos that combine or have a part two

Connections make the world go round. The awesome thing about technology - when it works and doesn’t drive you crazy - it keeps us connected.
Almost everyone is just a call or text away. Not to mention the overwhelming amount of sites there are to give someone a shout out. There truly is no excuse to not keep in touch anymore. While Skype is great and tweets are fun nothing is better than face to face. A personal bond is irreplaceable. There’s endless ways to maintain a relationship nowadays, but having a tattoo for another, tattoos that combine or have a part two is a noticeably committed way of keeping people, as singer Lincoln Durham would say, beautifully sewn. Not saying tattoos of each other’s name is the way to go, that’s a surefire way to get violently torn.
What makes the art of tattooing unique is that at its best, it works with the body. It is our very selves, our skin. Our anatomy puts the artwork on bold display. Since the body is the advertisement it is especially clever when tattoos come in pairs. Like when both feet are tattooed with a design that either connects or compliments the other. Hands are also an ideal place to get a two-part tattoo.
Almost everybody has tattoos nowadays but not everyone is as clever as this! Enjoy, if you know an artist by name please comment. If you have a tattoo like this Tattoodo would love to see it so please share and most importantly, stay connected.
Ankle tattoos for those dealing with distance.
Great use of the hands, though the placement isn't the best for aging.
Another beautifully done bug.
Two feet, one design. Who's the artist? Please comment.
Sweet design for sisters or besties.
Great feminine designs. Not a real tattoo, but nice contrasting sugar skulls.
Whoever owns this tattoo no longer needs to choose a favorite hero. The tattered look is a nice effect. Let us know who's the artist.
For the traveler. Great use of both feet.
Insane double forearm piece.
Adorable robot love.
Nightmare Before Christmas tribute. You can't have Jack without Sally.
The Walking Dead, who's the artist for this funny one?
Matching but not a regret should there ever be separation. That's the clever way to do it.
The chemical symbols for Serotonin and Dopamine.
The anchor is a trend tattoo but it's also a classic.
A combining black and gray piece.
Crazy amazing double forearm geometric tattoo. Please comment the artist. Fantastic red ink work.
Arrows with a twist.
Another sun and moon.
Perfect for the writers. See more literary tattoos.
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