The Pain Of Tattoos

The Pain Of Tattoos

There is a common misconception about the pain of tattoos involved when getting a tattoo.
Now I need you to think logically for a second, okay, so there are multiple needles going in and out of your skin extremely fast right now. Now tell me, would that hurt? The answer is yes, but you also need to realise that every single person has a different pain threshold. Think of it this way, a cat scratches a child, the child cries, but when a cat scratches an adult, the adult just gets angry with the cat. This is because to a child, it hurts a lot, but to the adult, it's just a mere scratch. This is basically the same principle with tattoos. One person might think a wrist tattoo hurts ten times as much as a tattoo on there upper arm, whereas another person might say the exact opposite. Then you get some people that say they haven't had a tattoo that hurts yet, and that person is covered head to toe in tattoos, no pain of tattoos at all. I tend to get frustrated when I see photos like this on the internet;
Pain meter for tattoos
I get frustrated because this doesn't relate to everyone. I have tattoos on my wrist and fingers, and they didn't cause me “Most Discomfort” like the picture implies. I work with a guy that has a tattoo that goes over his spine and he says that it wasn't painful at all. Pictures like this are somewhat of the reason why people tend to change their mind about getting tattoos. Before I got my first tattoo, I saw pictures like this and it made me think twice about going purely because of the pain, but then I realized that it might not be the same for me! Now I understand that these types of picture are not implying that they are 100% factual, but I still don't see the point in saying what places hurt more. To me, the general rule of the pain from tattoos should just be; If you are wanting a tattoo, then don't even think of the pain! It will hurt, the question of how much cannot be answered until you've actually gone and done it. Because as I have said, everyone has a different pain threshold. If the only reason why you're not going to get your rad back piece or your beautiful flower tattoo is because you're scared of the pain, then I suggest you go to your preferred tattoo studio, and get it anyway!
Artist Unknown
If this man above was afraid of a little pain then he wouldn't have this killer Japanese back piece! Pain is temporary everyone, don't let a little pain scare you from getting amazing art tattooed onto your body for the rest of your life! Think of it this way, a tattoo will be uncomfortable when you're getting it, and when it's healing it can cause some discomfort too but think of all the other times when it has fully healed and all your friends say how amazing it looks. You'll be walking around with a master piece on your back for the rest of your life. That 15 minutes, or that 4 hours of pain, however long the tattoo takes, will be worth it in the end!

The point I am trying to get across is; Don't ask other people how much their tattoos hurt, don't Google how much your chest tattoo will hurt. Oliver Peck is a well-known tattoo artist, one of the best when it comes to American Traditional. He has a full body suit, yet he hates actually getting tattooed because it hurts him a lot. He was on an episode of Miami Ink getting a tattoo by his former wife Kat Von D, and he was screaming/swearing because of how much it hurt, but then you see another person getting a tattoo in a similar location and it didn't phase him at all. So just go and do it, it will all be worth it in the end!
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