10 Mysterious Plague Doctor Tattoos

10 Mysterious Plague Doctor Tattoos

Have you ever seen plague doctor tattoos and wondered about the meaning? The plague was a very deadly disease also called the Black Death.
It spreaded its ferocious epidemics through the world with the proliferation of rats and very weak hygiene's rules and medical knowledges. Plague doctors were wearing bird masks believed at the time to protect them. With the death everywhere, seen as a curse from God, and their black and scary appearance, they were the symbol of the dark ages of History such as Middle Age. Later, to forget the fear they created, people used to dress like them, especially in carnival. This costume, often named by its Italian name medico della peste, is often seen along the other masks of Venice's carnival.
Nowadays, plague is a far away memory and plague doctors are a perfect costume for statement music bands and badass photographies, as well as spooky tattoo designs. Plague doctor tattoos are for all the fans of Middle Age era indeed, but also of horror, edgy and mysterious tattoos, a human counterpart of bird skulls tattoos. So, if you are looking for some dark and enigmatic inspiration, you could enjoy those plague doctor tattoos.
Ancient etching mask by Thomas Bates.
Dark macabre and yet gorgeous tattoo by Nomi Chi.
Horror sleeve in progress by our friend Nick Chaboya.
Sick piece by Mr Dist.
Old school style medico della peste by Miss Ariana.
Neo traditional tattoo by Joshua Ross.
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