12 Cute, Colorful & Crazy Hello Kitty Tattoos

12 Cute, Colorful & Crazy Hello Kitty Tattoos

This cute little white cat has become a household name that even the real men know what it is upon hearing the word: "Hello Kitty".
Hello Kitty (full name: Kitty White or Kiti Howaito) is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, created by Yuko Shimizu and currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi. She is usually depicted as a white bobtail cat with her staple red bow. Hello Kitty started off as a vinyl coin purse in 1974... and now a global hit... earning $7 billion a year without even having to advertise!
Originally marketed to pre-adolescent females, the Hello Kitty product range has expanded & went all the way from dolls, stickers, clothes, accessories, school supplies to purses, televisions, other home appliances and now as tattoos! Some tattoos are cute, some are unexplainably bizarre. Check out this 12 cute, colorful & crazy Hello Kitty tattoos & see for yourself. ;) Absolutely KAWAII!!!
This halloween-themed Hello kitty sleeve is more of cute than spooky!
Aww look! A Sushi Kitty! by Stacey Martin, Dovetail Tattoo (Austin, Texas)
Hello Kitty tattoo
tattoo by Kristel Oreto
Hello Kitty finger tattoo
The bow is the trademark.
A few kitties on the face doesn't seem to hurt.
Hello Kitty on the forehead
Surely this kitty cat has won the hearts of different people with different ways of expression worldwide. How wonderful. Got a Hello Kitty tattoo? Share it with us! :)