Looking To The Stars With Zodiac Tattoos

Looking To The Stars With Zodiac Tattoos

Astrology is real, and we’ve got the zodiac tattoos to prove it

Zodiac tattoos are a great way to stop people at bars from asking you, “What’s your sign?” They’re also one of the most popular kinds of tattoos out there. There’s no better way to show your connection to the zodiac and astrology than with tattoo ink.

For countless centuries, there has been no greater source of knowledge than astrology. This ancient method of divining not only allows us to glimpse into our future, but also enables us to know just about everything we need to know about a person simply from their birthdate. Astrology’s basis is formed by the signs of the zodiac and in reverence of this surefire method of prediction we have brought together an impressive image gallery of zodiac tattoos.

I myself happen to be a Gemini, which means I’m supposed to be quick-witted and expressive – which I am because astrology is right like 100 percent of the time. I am sociable, a great communicator, and always up for a bit of fun, but at other times I can be serious, restless, and thoughtful – just like everyone else born between May 21st and June 21st.

Here’s my horoscope for today, courtesy of astrology.com, a website that rivals Wikipedia in factual validity:

“It may be vague, and it may not initially sound like what it is, but if you listen hard, you'll hear it: an apology. From someone you'd never have believed was even aware of your existence.”

On my walk to lunch today, this lady bumped into me, but quickly apologized. It didn’t take me by surprise at all, because I already knew something like that was going to happen. That’s because astrology hooked me up with some sick ass future knowledge like it does every day.

Thanks to this great method of enlightened knowledge I now present to you, dear reader, pictures of zodiac tattoos. The gang’s all here, from Pisces to Sagittarius, Leo to Scorpio, we’ve assembled all the signs for your enjoyment.

Aries ring on an engraving style tattoo by Sue Jeiven. #suejeiven #aries #ariestattoo #zodiac #zodiactattoo
Gemini symbol hidden into a mandala by Julie Hamilton. #juliehamilton #gemini #geminitattoo #zodiac #zodiactattoo
Space Cancer by Jonas Pedersen. #jonaspedersen #cancer #cancertattoo
New school panda with a Libra symbol by Jaroslaw Baka. #jaroslawbaka #libra #Libratattoo #zodiac #zodiactattoo
Old school Scorpio by Austin Maples. #austinmaples #scorpio #scoprpiotattoo
Watercolor Pisces by Sasha Unisex. #sashaunisaex #pisces #piscestattoo #zodiac #zodiactattoo

Weren’t those some great zodiac tattoos? We may only be able to see mere glimpses into the future through the use of astrology, but I have a feeling looking at more pictures of awesome tattoos are probably in your horoscope.

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