15 Adventurous Planes and Aviator Tattoos

15 Adventurous Planes and Aviator Tattoos

Ever dream to set off on an adventure?
The biggest adventure of humans have always been the sky. Space, planes, who doesn't have dream to fly, see the world from above and explore the universe? Now, it is quite common to take a plane and cross the world but the first aviators were true fearless heroes, taming the sky with old planes. They are still icons, women and men who are remembered for their courage and also their class: Amelia Earhart, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Chuck Yeager, Charles Lindbergh and many more, free in the sky and sometimes disappearing with their plane. War heroes or hotheads pushing the boundaries of humanity, they have the right to be inked on our bodies to celebrate our desire to be independant. Planes are the symbol of travellers indeed, globe-trotters with their backpack always ready. But they are also a good tattoo design for dreamers living in the clouds rather than both feet firmly in ground. Want a bit of lightness on your life, to feel like a bird and to brave the elements in order to gain your very own freedom? Planes and aviator tattoos may be the first step for the big next adventure for you... Take a look at those daring and poetic planes and aviator tattoos and tell us if you would book a flight to visit your tattoo artist!
Old school plane tattoo by Ben Koopman.
Vintage looking aviator by Cris Cleen.
Epic blitz (air raid) tattoo by Den Yakovlev.
Another gorgeous war tattoo by Eugene Knysh.
Lovely piece by Jim Sylvia.
Blackwork plane spreading explosion of watercolor paint... Nice idea by Joel Wright.
Poetic chestpiece by Aleksey Platunov.
Just a poetic plane from a traveller or daydreamer... By Kevin Moreau.
Love the look of this airship's woman by Marine Meringue.
Realistic old plane by Phil Garcia.
That's one tiny tattoo by Rich Cahill!
Air battle by Savas Dogan.
Graphic tattoo by Tattooligan.
The black and grey style of Tim Hendricks is giving very smooth shadows on this pretty aviator.
Badass war plane by Wang of Tattoo Temple.
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