15 Badass, Bizarre & Crazy Eyelid Tattoos

Enjoy viewing these 15 badass, bizarre & crazy eyelid tattoos and be inspired to live life boldly.
No matter how bizarre it gets, we salute these people for having that kind of courage that most people don't (or wouldn't choose) to have----to get eyelid tattoos! Getting ink permanently slung on your eyelids takes a lot of guts for the reason that it's risky, it hurts & it's totally gonna turn your life around! It's one of the most noticeable places to get tattooed... and not everyone's gonna love it for sure. So much respect to these guys even though it gets creepy sometimes! lol.
Eyelid Tattoo
By far the best "Sorry Mom" tattoo i've ever seen. It's because of the story behind it. This guy's actually a gang member of El Salvador, and he got this in prison as tribute to his mom. :'-/
Eyelid Tattoo
This guy is just trippin and it looks like he's enjoying.
Never Sleep Eyelid Tattoo
Eyelid Tattoo
Eyelid Tattoo
Celebrity rap artist Lil Wayne has got some too!
Russian prisoner Celebrity Eyelid tattoo
This Russian prisoner isn't doing it for fun, though. Every tattoo tells of a rank or a number of times served in prison. So ya better not be messing around! Learn more about Russian prison tattoos in this blog.
Eyelid tattoo
Eyelid tattoo
Perhaps the best way to dress up & balance out hardcore tattoos is to dress clean & dapper! ;)
Eyelid pyramid
Did you know that the skins of our eyelids are the only places in our bodies that don't have pores? Hence, it's a totally different type of skin. So if you're looking to get some, find a skilled tattoo artist. It's a delicate area & you don't wanna fuck that up. It's there for all to see!
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The end eyelid tattoo
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