15 Relaxing Sloth Tattoos

15 Relaxing Sloth Tattoos

Take it easy and meanwhile spend some time admiring those cute and stress-relieving sloth tattoos ...
Party and business life is not for everyone. You didn't choose the sloth life, but the sloth life chose you? We are not going to blame you... This adorable furry animal which always seem happy and looking like a plush bear is single-handedly a strong statement and counterweight to the frenzy of our modern world. No more worries, no more stress, and also no more sh*t given! Sloth is encouraging us to take life on the sunny side, to take the time to chill with friends and enjoy every moment.
So sloth tattoos are a proud ode to this slow life attitude, to laziness and procrastination, just because we need it! The saying associated with sloth tattoos (but not the only one!) is generally "Live slow, die whenever". Yes, we all will, so, why hurrying? To be slow doesn't mean you are not efficient nor capable or great things: but it is just a "one thing at a time" matter... And good things are taking time, just like great tattoos! And sloths are of course a great subject for a tattoo, full of humor and tender... So relax, and let your imagination wanders...
Let's start with this cutie on a thigh by Brad of the Piercing Urge.
Amazing green shades, which is not so surprising when your nale is Chris Green!
Sloths are good friends with roses, aren't they? By Crispy Lennox.
Yes, Grim Reaper, take your time! By Crispy Lennox too.
A fancy one by Dan Molloy!
Sloths always seem to have a good temperament and are definitely cheering you up! By Dani Green.
Want more sloth? Just a cup! By Fizz Ink.
That's a creative captain sloth by Guen Douglas!
New School one by Kelly Doty.
Gangsta sloth by Maria Roca...
Having fun in the trees by Peter Lagergren.
Hipster sloth? By Richard Kellam.
Realistic acrobat sloth by Ryan Flaherty.
For sloths' lovers! Unidentified tattoo artist, credit in the comments please.
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