20 Elegant Wrist Tattoos

20 Elegant Wrist Tattoos

Do you want a bracelet you would not loose or a tattoo to stand out? Check these beautiful examples of wrist tattoos!
For ages, humans have ornated their wrists with jewels, in every culture. Wrist has always be one of the anatomical locations associated with elegance and strength. Sensual, wrist is associated with perfume and chilvarous love : a kiss on the upper side is polite, a kiss on the inner side used to be a bit more cheeky... Either warriors with impressive metal bracelets or ladies and gentlemen with diamonds, pearls, watches and chains, wrist is the place to adorn and to show. Indeed, it is a visible part for a tattoo, yet a place easily concealable with real bracelets, wristbands and clothes. Wrist is the perfect location for a tattoo you want to keep within easy reach of your eyes: a motivational quote, the birthdate or name of your children or something you love to look at to relax and smile.
Some great geometry here by State of Grace, Germany.
3D ribbon by Ping.
This linework by Jorge Teran completes this sleeve perfectly.
Orginal geometric wing style tattoo by Joe Munroe.
Delicate mountains by Jan Mraz.
Charming white and grey cherry blossom by Graffitoo!
By Grace Neutral.
Bugs jewelry by El-E Mags.
Just some lace by Dodie of L'heure bleue.
And also some by David Boggins.
This linework tattoo by Chaim Machlev is so elegant.
So discreet you would easily think it is a real bracelet! By Bicem Sinik.
Another landscape, a forest this time, by Ariella Wundersam.
A classic rosary with 3D effect. Please tell us who is the artist.
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