25 Amazing Tattoos Done At Bang Bang Tattoo, NYC

25 Amazing Tattoos Done At Bang Bang Tattoo, NYC

There are tattoo shops all over the world but certain ones rank higher than others, such as Bang Bang.
The Bang Bang Tattoo located in NYC on the lower East Side.For those who don't live in New York, thanks to Instagram it's easy to keep up with the talented work that's created by the artists everyday. Lots of shops post their tattoos but truthfully not every tattoo should be posted. Bang Bang is one of the few places that does a great tattoo on every client.
Bang Bang’s reputation has reached far beyond NYC locals, their rep not only stretches wide but also travels high, thousands of miles high to be exact. Artist Bang Bang tattooed famous singer Justin Bieber on a private plane. He said it was the most difficult tattoo he ever did, apparently turbulence doesn’t help when doing an outline. However, there is a chance he set a Guinness record, Bieber is just the beginning of Bang Bang’s celebrity clientele, the shop is a popular spot for all Hollywood types. Don’t write them off as snobby though, Keith McCurdy (Bang Bang) will tattoo anyone because it’s what he loves to do. The atmosphere is chill and welcoming and the place constantly gets great reviews.
Realistic feathers in a triangle on the ribs.
Elegant mini chandelier by John Mesa.
French quote and crisp diamond on the wrist. Super clean work.
"Sometimes clients feel bad about asking me to do small works for them-they assume it's below my skill level but let me say, any tattoo I can do I would love to do!"-Tattoo Artist Bang Bang
Shoulder quote on none other than the Warrior singer herself, Demi Lovato. Tattooed by Bang Bang.
Bieber's album title that he had tattooed on his inner arm.
Leter, Bieber had Bang Bang tattoo a realistic eye.
Lady Liberty on the ribs by Anatole.
Head turning script on this man's chest, artist Mr. Mags.
Shout out to Brooklyn.
An artist that can do a proper cover up is a good artist.
This chest tattoo is a stunner, beautifully soft B&G portrait by Anatole.
Unique design of a butterfly.
Wickedly good realistic animal portrait.
Crisp inner arm arrow.
"I'm honored when someone wants a tattoo from me, regardless of size, placement, or style."-Bang Bang.
It's a solid piece for sure, but is it worth holding your arms like that every time you want to show it off?
Selena Gomez and Bang Bang.
Someone made Mickey mad.
Sweet style, nice placement (@elemags on Instagram).
It's all we need. Finger tattoos are a specialty at Bang Bang.
Liz or @lazerliz on Instagram, is an amazing artist, more of her work.
Bang Bang calls this is autograph leg, Kat Von D has a "yearbook leg" as well. It's a bunch of tattoos from known clients that have never held a tattoo machine. Might be a better idea to have the actors and the singers sign flash on their way out.
Megan Massacre approached the subject of celebrities and their tattoos well in a nearly hour long interview with The Sleeve. She said famous people have "the worst influence" on what people get tattooed, the random little words that girls get are largely because of actresses like Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie. As a tattoo artist, a word on the ribs doesn't really make sense body art shouldn't be random, it should flow with the canvas.

It's true that celebrities have the means and the money to get the best of the best when it comes to tattoos but the problem is "you can't tell them what the best is because they're artists and they know. 90% of all tattooers are not good tattooers, and should not be tattooing." So what happens is, instead of being a confident artist who advises a client on style and placement etc these tattooers, skilled or not, simply agree to do the tattoo because it's a great opportunity to get credit. Instead of being educated on tattoos celebrities only hear yes and continue to get crappy tattoos which influences other to get bad tattoos too.
To avoid a crappy tattoo just do your homework, search artists that are skilled in the design you want and find a reputable shop that's safe and clean. Research pays off especially when it comes to the lifelong commitment of a tattoo.
Keith McCurdy was nicknamed Bang Bang because of the pistols he has on his neck, one on each side.
Rihanna was Bang Bang's first celebrity client who has gotten many more since her infamous finger tattoo.
'Big thank you to everyone I tattoo. Love you all!"-Bang Bang
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