25 Banksy Inspired Tattoos

25 Banksy Inspired Tattoos

Who doesn’t know the name and work of mysterious street artist Banksy? Who is behind the ironic and powerful stencils spread on the walls?
His influence is tangible, especially when it comes to tattoo art. With its readable drawings, often using strong tint areas of black and red and its trashy paint effects, the work of Banksy is easily transferable to tattoos, as it is or with a reappropriation of tattoo artists. With their political, social messages, dark humor and sometimes touching poetry, the designs of Banksy are coveted for graphic and trash polka inspired tattoos to make statement ink.
Some designs are more popular than others, even inked by pop stars, but some others, more cynical, are also a great source of inspiration to stand out and to show love for contemporary art and free speech.
In a world where our freedom of expression is regularly threatened, artists like Banksy are fighting back with inspirational messages, touching people in their heart but also in their skin. For liberty, for love. Because we are Banksy, we are Charlie but we are also humans with right to create and enjoy art, to make jokes and to express our feelings and opinions. And also with tattoos. Why not Banksy tattoos?
Banksy is an artist known for his fight against war and violence. After the dramatic attack in France the 7 January 2015, many artists have reacted, including Banksy, with the slogan We are Charlie (Charlie is the name of the newspaper attacked). 

Do you love witty street art with deep messages? Check those tattoos inspired by the anti-establishment work of Banksy.
The girl with the heart balloon is one of Banksy's most famous street painting, and also one of the most coveted for tattoos. Photo by Loonyworld.
Here a tattoo by Noksi, showing his support to Charlie too.
The balloon girl can make a good split tattoo, here by Tuomas Koivurinne.
Another Banksy's painting tattooed by AxL.
Strong one, but the credits to the tattooist are missing : can you tell us who?
A full Banksy sleeve. Please tell us who is the artist.
Cute couple of children by Zakk.
Beautiful version by Xoil.
The famous Gaza wall painting by Banksy turned into a tattoo at Trueart in Santa Cruz.
By Thomas Carli Jarlier, done at Noire Ink.
By Russell Van Schaick.
The Girl with a bomb tattoo and this little girl are making a strong photo, by Mike Brodie.
Love this one by Norm Wright.
Peace not war. Tattoo by Miguel.
Banksy's rats are also really famos. Here on a foot, by Mez Love.
French graphic artist Klaim gave his own version of the girl with the umbrella.
By Jaakko Jäppinen.
By Deanna Wardin.
Strong message in this tattoo by David Meek.
Love the wall's texture in this tattoo by Daniel Forrester.
Completing another tattoo, by Carola Deutsch.
A personal version by famous graphic tattoo artist Bugs.
Haha, a fun idea for a cover-up ! By Barry Barnes.
Couldn't find the name of the tattoo artist, please tell us in comments.
Great chestpiece. Couldn't find the name of the tattoo artist, please tell us in comments.
Couldn't find the name of the tattoo artist, please tell us in comments.
Tell us who is the tattoo artist please.