25 Original Comics Strips Tattoos

25 Original Comics Strips Tattoos

Internet is full of super heroes’ tattoos, either from the movie adaptations or from the original comics.
Some heroes of comic books and graphic novels don’t wear capes and tights, but they are also a strong source of inspiration for tattoo lovers.
Comics and tattoos are making good bedfellows and not only in the new school style. It is not rare to find tattooed heroes and heroines in comic strips. Think of Transmetropolitan, Hellblazer Constantine or the art of Enki Bilal to name but a few.
Comics heroes, tattooed or not, could definitely end up in your skin to remember the beauty of their illustrations, the pleasure you had to read their stories or you identified yourself with them.

Either childhood’s fun or adult’s fantasy, your comics trips tattoos are both belonging to the literary and art sections and worth showing to the world.
Is yours here? If not, send it to us and meanwhile, enjoy some great comics tattoos from fellow readers.
How cute is this Calvin and Hobbes split tattoo by Ben Ochoa?
Lovely galaxy in this Calvin and Hobbes tattoo done by Midas at Cobra Custom Tattoo in Plymouth, MA.
Fun one by Molly Horn!
Tattooist Anil Gupta recreated one of Adrian Tomine's New York drawings.
Do you know the Fables of James Jean? Here the wolf by Brenda Kelly.
A full sleeve of Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer. We don't know who is the artist, please tell us!
Death and Dream from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman with an illustration by Mark Buckhingham, tattooed by Anil Gupta.
Love how tattoo can give a twist to comics : here a blackwork vision of the Swamp Thing by Gene Coffey.
The tattoo and the original : the Ghost World cover tattooed by Stephen aka Truth_is_absolution on Deviantart.
Another great Ghost World tattoo by Kerry Anne.
Model with comics tattoos alert ! Here the redhead Hatty Watson photographed by Anastasis Photographics.
The tattoo of Hatty is inspired by the same comics than this one by Cecil Porter : Tank Girl.
Another badass Tank Girl byTank Girl Emy of Blacksheep Tattoo.
Start of a Tank Girl sleeve by Zsolt Keleman.
A dark and cool Hellblazer tattoo. Can you tell us who is the artist?
Lovely Jason's The Last Musketeer tattoo by Marlon!
A tattoo inspired by Jeff Lemire's Tales from the Farm. Please credit the tattoo artist.
Impressive tattoo from Marvel's Valkyries by master Jeff Gogue.
Do you know the popular European comics heroe Astérix? Here by Norte of LTW.
Probably not a real tattoo but a wicked idea here on this photography by Joel Robinson!
Another Sandman inspired tattoo, this time by Illustrator James Jean and made in the Edovan Tattoo Atelier.
Rad tattoo inspired by Sin City and equally rad photo by Rekha Garton!
Tattoo from the Punisher (please credit the tattooist!).
Tintin is a character famous for the movie adaptations. This tattoo by David Côté is just a magical way to recreate his space adventures.
And this sleeve also inspired by Tintin made by Oderus at Giahi Tattoo is just WOW.
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