Egyptian Inspired Ink

Egyptian Inspired Ink

As civilisations go the Ancient Egyptian's are up there with the best of them.
Its culture, its history and its symbols are all something we recognise even to this day and arguably one area in which it still has a strong presence is the modern world of tattooing. It is no surprise to see an individual sporting an Ancient Egyptian inspired tattoo but what are they and what do they mean? Egyptian inspired tattoos most commonly take the form of the Ankh, Anubis, the Scarab, the Eye of Horus and Hieroglyphs.
The Ankh

Believed to be in use as early as 3000 b.c. the Ankh was a symbol associated to a Pharaoh's physician named Imkotep who later became a God and gave the Ankh its first meaning of good health and eternal life. However over the years it garnered new meanings and came to be seen as symbolising life, sexual union and protection. Ankh tattoos are usually small and discrete; though if you feel the urge to do a Mike Tyson you may just set a new trend.

This Egyptian God is globally recognisable by his jackal head and long staff- but what does he symbolise? In Ancient Egyptian culture Anubis was a God of the dead and was in the after life as an overseer. Anubis in tattooing has then become a symbol of protection and a watcher for those who have passed into the next life.
The Scarab

Possibly just a glorified dung beetle the scarab in Ancient Egypt existed as the symbol of the sun's cycle and resurrection. Many scarab tattoo designs take on the status of the beetle within the ancient culture and depict it with large ornate wings or in the form of jewellery... a sort of talisman of protection
Eye of Horus

The all seeing eye is a globally recognisable image and  a universal representation of Ancient Egyptian culture. Belonging to the God of the sky Horus the eye was lost in battle but was later pieced back together by his fellow God Thoth and returned to Horus regenerated and now a symbol of health and power. Within modern tattooing the Eye of Horus has taken on the meaning of protection and wisdom and ranks up there with the Ankh in popularity.

Recognised by most Hieroglyphs were the pictorial writing of the Ancient Egyptians and were for many years unreadable until the translation puzzle was solved. In tattooing Hieroglyphs are used like most other scripts; they make up names or words with personal meanings to the individual and portray personal elements of ones life... They could also be the perfect tattoo for a partners name, if you broke up who would know what it said!
Then again if your going to get an Egyptian inspired tattoo you could just go all out
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