How Your Shitty Tattoos Would Look In Real Life

How Your Shitty Tattoos Would Look In Real Life

Some GENIUS on Reddit found the most horrendous portrait tattoos and placed them on real life images to show how much of a fail they are!
Bad tattoos have become a favorite of the Internet. Just type in "Tattoo Fails" on Google and we guarantee you'll spend the next hour looking at pieces that will make you say "what the HELL were you thinking?!?". At this moment though, we have reached a new level of epicness for epic tattoo fails. You're gonna see the WORST rendition of kids, parents, celebrities, singers, movie stars, and many, many animals...all compared with real life! We promise these terrible tattoos in real life will give you a long, WTF-filled laugh! :D
Let's start out with some oh-so-lovely family portraits
The Beautiful Kids :D
It's the little girl from The Ring!
I <3 Mama
Or why not get your favorite pop idol tattooed?!
"He's just a poor boy from a poor family!"
The King of Pop - He touched so many...
Wejrns Werl
“Why so SERIOUS?”
and finally there's this collection of dangerous - or not so dangerous - animals...
Presenting....Dowl! (Dog-Owl)
The King of the Jungle!
The rare and remarkable White Tiger!
The Hunt
The Bear!
New England Derpriots! Hut-hut!!!
SEINFELD always gets the last word!
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Have a good one! :)
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