Springfield's Finest: 15+ Simpsons Tattoos (Part 1)

We're all too familiar with the background music that plays as the blue skies of Springfield surfaces in our screens...
Immediately followed by a classroom scene where a pointy-haired boy sprawls a different message from the last episode on the chalkboard. From there, we witness another day in the lives of a yellow, dysfunctional family we've all grown to love.
Created by Matt Groening, it's the longest-running prime time sit-com in the US. The Simpsons family have been around since 1989, garnering a wide audience from different age groups. Since then, The Simpsons tattoos have gotten more popular, especially nowadays where pop culture is on the rise among the trends. Trendy or not, Simpsons has been a part of many people and is being adopted now by the newer generation. It's difficult to believe somebody who lives in America and owned a TV in the 90's and have no clue who The Simpsons are.
Like the most of pop culture, people have been getting themselves tattooed with the characters of the iconic TV show, showing their love for Groening's yellow people. Most of the tattoos are in traditional style, while some have incorporated another style which gave them a unique spin to the widely-loved characters such as Bart, Homer and Millhouse.
First of all, here's Michael Baxter, the guy with over 200 The Simpsons character tattooed all over his body, to remind you that you can never love The Simpsons too much.
Photo: Alex Coppel/Newspix / Rex/REX USA
by Ash Davies.
by Ash Davies.
by Melanie Milne.
more from Melanie Milne.
by Seth Campbell.
Artist unknown.
by Erich Rabel.
A very well-done realistic style featuring Bart in a Halloween special.
Artist unknown.
This one is a spin-off of Nirvana's Nevermind cover with the everyone's favorite troublemaker.
Artist unknown.
by Eloise of Otautahi Tattoo, New Zealand.
by Tilly Dee.
No caption is needed when it comes to Donuts and The Simpsons references.
Artist unknown.
by Mitch Kirilo.