Top Tattoos of the WWE

Top Tattoos of the WWE

Almost everyone is familiar with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment Inc), we have all seen at least a wrestling match.
Although we may not have all been swayed by their over exaggerated and gimmick filled ideas of entertainment one thing is for certain; those wrestlers know how to get good ink!
CM Punk
The one time poster boy and cult hero of the WWE CM Punk is easily spotted in a crowd. Most notable of Punk's tattoos are the Pepsi logo on his left shoulder and the term 'Straightedge' across his stomach- a reference to the type of life he leads. In More recent years Punk has gained a bold skull and snake on his chest and a variety of personal mementos making up his two sleeves.
wrestler with a chest tattoo
 The Undertaker

Possibly the first major WWE figure to get ink the Undertaker is most recognised by his two black and grey sleeves, each depicting a variety of mythological figures, skulls and demons... His tattoos certainly taking inspiration from his death themed gimmick.
What's more fierce?... The ink or the stare??
The Rock

Unquestionably the global face of WWE the Rock took inspiration for his ink from his Samoan heritage and has a traditional tribal piece covering his left shoulder. Honouring his ancestors and family the Rock's tattoo was done by the famous Tahitian tattoo artist Po'oino Yrondi and was the efforts of 20 hours work!!!!... no wonder he always looks so mean!
the rock shoulder tattoo

Arguably the only tattooed diva, Lita followed the fierceness of her character and opted for a three eyed demon on her arm. Possibly Japanese inspired the demon is as strong as Lita in the ring.
lita's demon tattoo
Rey Mysterio

Much like the Rock with his tattoo, Rey Mysterio's ink is almost entirely themed on his heritage and Mexican roots, from the word 'Mexican' across his abdomen to the Aztec wings on his chest, ensuring he fly's high in the ring, Mysterio's ink is a homage to his identity.
Wearing his heritage with pride!

As one of the powerhouses of WWE Batista's ink reflects his nature, with two fierce tribal designs on his shoulders and arms and a large dragon backpiece... Clearly a man who goes big or goes home Batista has recently had his dragon expanded to cover the entirety of his back!!
Roman Reigns
Coming from a long line of Samoan wrestlers Roman Reigns had a reputation to live upto, and following the example of his cousin (the Rock) he has done just that... by getting a large, ornate tribal tattoo from his wrist to his chest. Reigns' ink is certainly impressive and may even rival his cousins in how awesome it is...
Better than his cousins??
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