12 Alluring Stocking Lines Tattoos

For the lovers of vintage lingerie, there is indeed garter tattoos, but don't forget the awesome stocking lines tattoos!
In the early decades of the 20th century, women's skirts have shortened and they started wearing nylon hosiery. Stockings had that distinctive seam line at the back of the leg, lengthening it for an elegant and seducing look. Nylon stockings were indeed adorning pin-ups and famous icons of Hollywood, and became a key accessory of beauty. During World War II, they were a luxury similar to jewels at the time, as they became a very rare object and to keep their classy look, women drew the iconic lines on the back of their legs with a sharpie to maintain the illusion they could afford nylon stockings... It was a gift from lovers more awaited than a bunch of flowers!
Now, stockings and thights are often seamless, and the vintage stocking lines are mainly coveted for retro outfits and burlesque. But elegant and enticing details are timeless, and stocking lines tattoos have become as popular as garter tattoos, and you can't go to a tattoo convention without seeing a pretty pair of legs sporting these iconic lines... So, Nature gifted you with legs you will to adorn with the timeless classic of stocking lines tattoos? Then check those for inspiration...
Skull ribbons in this shot by Chase Photography.
You can skip the plain lines with more intricate designs but still adorning your long legs... Here by Cory Ferguson.
Just one leg, with a jewelled garter effect by Philip Milic.
Great with watercolor ribbons, here by Dodac Michal.
A fun flamingo for a cute and witty idea! Please tell us who is the artist.
Haha, cool Kick Ass lettering with cable jacks at the bottom of the lines for rocking girls! By Gaïtan at Paul and Friendz Brussels Tattoo in Brussels.
Splendid work of Jaya Suartika.
Would you like your stocking lines tattoos simple ...
... or more artistic? Killer watercolor work by Niko Inko.
Geometric inspiration from Stefan Halbwachs via Tattrx.
Love the creative work of Topsy Turby!
Either to seduce others or to feel great in your own skin, pick the best artists for your stocking lines tattoos! Photo by Robin Preston.