12 Cute, Creepy & Beautiful Sheep And Goat Tattoos

12 Cute, Creepy & Beautiful Sheep And Goat Tattoos

February 19 officially marks the Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram in the Chinese Lunar calendar.
According to Chinese Astrology, this year would be a favorable year! A year of awesomeness! Prosperity! Abundance! An improved lifestyle! And we're kind of feeling lucky, so we compiled these 12 Cute, creepy & Beautiful Sheep & Goat tattoos just for you. More facts and trivia along the way.
Sheep tattoo
What is Astrology? It is the study of movements & relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. Makes sense, because we're all made out of One source and therefore, we affect each other.
Sheep tattoo by Tony Hundahl
The year of the Sheep which begins on Feb 19,2015 and ends on Feb 7, 2016 (also the Year of the Ram and Goat) is allegorically represented as a period of passing summer---the period of prosperity and well being. Tattoo by Tony Hundahl. More awesome palm tattoo ideas in this blog.
Tattoo by Peter Lagergren, Malmo Classic Tattoo (Sweden)
By Aidan Monahan, FTW Tattoo in Oakland, CA
Of course, only diligence applied to hard work shall ensure prosperity. You can't leave it all to luck. Tattoo by Aidan Monahan, FTW Tattoo, Oakland CA.
By Morten Transeth
The symbolism of Sheep generally represents a youthful aspect of yourself: innocent, vulnerable, someone who knows and accepts his/her limits. Tattoo by Morten Transeth.
Tattoo by Daniel Meyer.
The goat is a powerful animal totem and closely related to the sheep, in particular the ram, but unlike the sheep & ram, goats aren't particularly communal, often grazing alone and spreading themselves far apart, evoking a sense of independence. When the goat ambles onto your path, it might be a signal to contemplate your power as an individual. Is it time to separate from the herd? Launch into an independent direction? Often times, the solitary path leads us to great discovery. Goats respect distance and space. They also encourage independent adventures and explorations of high vistas for the sole purpose of personal/individual knowing. More spirit animal info on this website.
Insanely strange but beautiful tattoo by Liam Sparks.
Goat tattoo by Kelly Doty
"Perhaps the most poignant lesson of the goat is about sacrifice. In countless ceremonies throughout untold religions and times, the steadfast goat has suffered greatly at the hands of man. Consider the term scapegoat. This is originally a Hebrew word used when the people would attempt to cast their sins upon the animal, who was then turned out into the wilderness. Often the goat has been wrongly symbolized with the wicked, when truly the treatment of the animal represents the guilt and cruelty of ignorant civilizations." click here for more info.
Sheep tattoo
Some like it creepy, and that's okay because that's keeping it real.
Goat tattoo by Peter Aurisch
Sheep year
Let us honor all kinds of animals and be more gentle and loving to the planet. This way, prosperity can truly come into our lives---thanking us for being good stewards of this beautiful world.
Cute sheep tattoo
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