12 Summer Inked Girls on the Beach

12 Summer Inked Girls on the Beach

I know, I'm thinking it too... Why can't it be SUMMER already?? I'm tired of the cold and these baggy winter clothes..
I just want to hit the beach and rock out with my INK out! But we still got a bit of a wait...so while we're not there yet, why don't we settle for some of the most tantalising shots of girls with tattoos on the beach...enjoy!
She seems quite dangerous... (Model Unknown)
Beautiful B&W photography (Model Unknown)
Classic beach shot (Model Unknown)
Californian blogger Kiana McCourt enjoying the waves
That moment when you step into the water... (Model Unknown)
Love sitting on rocks and watching the waves (Model Unknown)
Artistic shot (Model Unknown)
Riae Suicide - Not at the beach, but worthy of inclusion anyways ;)
Bombshell Sabina Kelley in an Old School look
Like a postal card for Paradise (Model Unknown)
In some places you gotta settle for a pier... (Models Unknown)
That's how we feel about winter (Model Unknown)
Stay warm! :)
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