15 Artistic Frida Kahlo Tattoos

15 Artistic Frida Kahlo Tattoos

You may have already run into Frida Kahlo tattoos while browsing the net. Some people would wonder who is this woman with strong eyebrows?
And why the tattoo designs associated with her are so creative, colorful and popular. In case you didn't know, Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter (1907-1954), famous for her surrealistic-like self portraits and paintings inspired by her imagination, her passionate love life and her witty quotes. A strong personality in her time and in arts, she is fascinating many art lovers and is a true role model for many independant women. She shocked her time, and marked history of art, just as her contemporary, Salvador Dali, also a huge source of tattoo inspiration.
Her paintings, full of symbols and references to Mexican culture, with Dia de la Muerte and colorful religious borrowings, are an infinite source of inspiration for other artists. It is not surprising then that so many people want to ornate their body with Frida Kahlo tattoos to celebrate her bizarre beauty and freedom. And indeed, each tattoo is as creative as the painter herself, paying a poetic and vibrant tribute to her modern use of paint, colors and dreams.
So, if you are an admirer of the Mexican painter, or if you too feel original and free, you definitely need to learn more about her and to see this selection of artistic Frida Kahlo tattoos.
Beautiful effects in this tattoo by Edwin Ordonez.
Interesting placement, by Eva Schatz.
Contemporary style by Fabio Mauro.
A very poetic version inspired by an illustration of Benjamin Lacombe, inked by La Gribouille, Nancy FR.
Neo traditional with a message, by Luca Degenerate.
Very creative version by M. Kyrtatas.
Linework with bold colors, by Mariusz Trubisz.
The elegant style of Marta Lipinski, for a beautiful leg tattoo tribute to the painter.
A black and grey realistic version by Megan Hoogland, with a great flower background.
Geometric touches for this great dotwork tattoo by Michele Zingales.
Simple yet gorgeous, by Mick Gore.
A classy tattoo by Neto Lobo.
Breath-taking tattoo by Rocky Zéro...
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