15 Badass Tattooed Elders

15 Badass Tattooed Elders

While some of us dread and resist the inevitable by spending grands on anti-aging products or getting surgery these people age gracefully.
What is age but a number, measured by man himself. The truth is that our souls are deathless and timeless. And it is up to us whatever age we choose to be. So what's your soul's age?! Are you sad and old, or young and happy? We hope you're the latter! But if not, let these badass tattooed old folks cheer you up, inspire and awaken the youth in all of us.
Cover photo: Master Horiyoshi III, Tattooer
To start this off, here's Master Horiyoshi III with his Samurai sword, reppin a full bodysuit of Irezumi.
Tattooed elder
Here's a Maori warrior with a Moko (Facial Tattoo) as seen in our 20 Totally Hardcore Face tattoos blog.
Tattooed elder
As we age, our skin naturally loses its elasticity. So expect your tattoos to change with you over time. What to do about it? Accept it and care for it.  Avoid excessive sun exposure, and diligently apply sunscreen to protect the tattoos from fading. The secret to youthful beauty above all is to feel young.
Badass tattooed grandpa
"We are not limited by our old age. We are liberated by it." ~Stu Mittleman
Photo by David Lazar
"No matter how old you are, there's always something good to look forward to." ~Lynn Johnston.
Tattooed elder
"The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life." ~Muhammad Ali.
Tattooed grandpa
"No wise man ever wished to be younger" ~Jonathan Swift
Tattooed grandma
"The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been." ~Madeleine L'Engle
Photo by Jake Versoza
"The longer I live the more beautiful Life becomes." ~F.L. Wright.
Heavily tattooed grandpa
What would it be like to have a heavily tattooed grandpa? AWESOME.
Tattooed grandma
"We are always the same age inside." ~Gertrude Stein
Tattooed elderly couple
"Age is opportunity no less than youth itself, though in another dress. And as the evening twilight fades away, the sky is filled with stars, invisible by day." ~Longfellow
Tattooed friends
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