15 Enchanting Constellation Tattoos

15 Enchanting Constellation Tattoos

Constellation tattoos are on this bandwagon of extremely popular tattoos, even listed in the tattoos that have dominated year 2014.
And among this list, they are probably the most customizable and a great basis for small tattoos or more ambitious designs. In the current tattoo trends, the most fascinating are probably the ones related to the mysterious universe, space tattoos. Night skies are not only somptuous, they are making us, at the same time, humble and eager to discover the secrets of the universe. Who doesn't want to be able to read in the stars to foresee our destiny? That's why astrology is so popular, as well as Zodiac signs tattoos. Constellations all have enigmatic names, related to ancient mythologies and legends. They are poetic, illuminating the darkness of night, gracing the natural landscapes we like and awakening our weakness for dreams and mysticism. Constellations, with their odd assembly of dots and lines, are perfect for discreet tattoos, coveted for white ink, dotwork and hand-poke tattoos. Many art projects are even devoted to them, for example the Constellation Tattoos Project: from Sky to Skin. But if you are more ambitious, they can easily be part of a bigger design, suiting surrealistic, graphic and dotwork geometric tattoos. The possibilities are as vast as the Milky Way!
So, which constellation is making you shining like a star? These original constellation tattoos could put stars in your eyes...
Poetic surrealist tattoo by Adrienne Haberl.
Colorful mandala by Cody Eich.
A rad constellation and space tattoo on the scalp by Cory Ferguson!
Orion and watercolor nebula tattoo by Em Becker.
A full Zodiac constellations sleeve by Emily at Urge in Victoria, BC.
Watching the stars Inside a owl's silhouette... By Fernando Peres Dourados.
Dotwork landscape by Joel Rich.
A map of constellations with a crown of flowers by Kirsten Holliday.
The style of Marcin Aleksander Surowiec is always magic!
A Centaurus watercolor tattoo by Old Bastards.
Another tiny landscape by Or Kantor.
Part of the Constellaion tattoos project by Sailor Raffy: the Aries.
Another tattoo of Sailor Raffy's project, the Scorpius. Gorgeous photo by Camille Collin.
A watercolor Orion by Sasha Unisex.
Constellations can be added to any tattoo style, even neo traditional. Here by Xam.
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