15 Exquisite Lace Garter Tattoos

15 Exquisite Lace Garter Tattoos

Lace tattoos are true pleasure for the eyes,but garter tattoos are stretching the limits of refinement and sensuality of ornamental tattoos.
Lace is originating from the area of Venice, in Italy, in the 16th century. This refined fabric soon has been associated with luxury, first the privilege of noble men and then reserved for women and especially their lingerie. Historically, one of the most elegant and sexy piece of feminine lingerie is indeed the garter. For centuries, this piece of fabric, often in lace, is used to hold stockings. Garters are a very intimate and sensual piece, intended for lovers and husbands, and yet they made an impression as the story of the Most Noble Order of the Garter proves it.
The King of Great Britain, Edward III by picking the fallen garter of his mistress in public with a witty word made the History and made garter an icon of sophistication. Now real garters are kept for weddings and cheeky outfits, but garter tattoos are replacing fabric ones. These thigh tattoos are really coveted by women, wanting something easily hideable, refined, tasteful and sexy at the same time. Garter tattoos can also be adorned with jewels, ribbons and of course the fun pistols, knives and tattoo machines! So, if you are looking for some lacy inspiration, there are some fine lace-makers in our selection who masters the art of garter tattoos!
3D garter with a tattoo machine made at Giahi Tattoo.
Adorned with pearls and chains by Caroline Karenine.
Gorgeous work by David Boggins.
If you don't do things by half add some feathers for a bigger leg tattoo! By Dodie.
Delicate work of Julie Hamilton.
Elegant piece by Karmageddon.
White ink garter by Monte Livingston.
Realistic garter with an old gun. Please credit the artist in comments!
Who is the artist?
Half garter half corset by Sandra Graph'ink.
Lace and honeycomb pattern mastered by Sandy Augeix for an elegant and tasteful tattoo.
Ethnic touch by Shane Gallagher.
With a pink bow by Stephanie de Pertuis.
Another realistic white lacy garter with missing credits, correct that in comments if you can.
Graphic lace by Xoil.
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