15 Fierce Tiger Tattoos

15 Fierce Tiger Tattoos

To inspire you, here is a selection of badass and sumptuous tiger tattoos from some of the skilled artists on internet.
Among big cats, tiger is probably one of the most popular and tiger tattoos have always been very coveted. This ferocious feline is indeed a traditional subject in Asian art, as his geographic location is Eastern Asia, but it has spread in global popular culture. The symbol of many countries, tiger is also a strong element of ancient cultures and mythologies, influencing its representation in tattoo art. With its fiery fur, tiger is, in Japanese culture, an animal representation of the element fire, both physical and spiritual.
Like a spark, tiger symbolizes the beginning of a new life, and as a wild fire, it is the spiritual force you need to confront life's hurdles, especially in Buddhism. Indian goddess Durga is sitting astride a dangerous tiger, to show her power and to protect humans from evil. Tiger tattoos are thus talismans, repelling evil. This is why in traditional tattoos, the big cat is often found fighting demons and dragons. In China, tiger is one of the Zodiac signs but also ensuring an afterlife's safety, and those of white colors are protecting houses.
The natural and common color of its fur is also linked to Sun, and hence energy, royalty and a long life. Tattooing its eyes only is affirming your patience and determination, as it is illustrated in Survivor's song in Rocky 3. Beautiful, magic, wise and also a god in bed (!), the independent mammal has got all the reasons to end up as great tiger tattoos ! But its complex body and fur is requiring the skills of artists of reputable talent, so choose your tattooist wisely...
A roaring Japanese traditional tattoo by Mr Ami James himself.
Great painting effects on this beautiful tattoo by CheongHo!
Cool one by Dmitry Vision.
The trendy finger tattoo here by EL-E-MAGS.
Work in progress by Emersson Pabon.
Killer work by Jess Yen!
The prince of the jungle, by Lippo.
A lovely piece by Myra Brodsky.
Terrific! By Nico Perez.
Tattoodo has recently spotted this badass hip tattoo made by White Boy Ink: what do you think?
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