15 Gorgeous La Catrina Tattoos

15 Gorgeous La Catrina Tattoos

What we know under the designation of La Catrina tattoos is the result of a gathering of different popular icons of Mexican culture.
In tattoo art, a La Catrina is a gorgeous woman with make-up inspired by the sugar skulls used during the Day of the Dead. This woman can be inspired by the photography of a model, an actress or a relative. This is why La Catrina tattoos are also called sugar skull girl tattoos. The main idea behind sugar skull's make-up is to recreate the idea of the skeleton under our skin. And a woman with a skeleton body is a traditional popular character of Mexican culture called La Catrina. From the term "catrin", referring to an elegant person, La Catrina characters are satiric memento mori ("remember you are mortal" in latin) addressed to the rich people: you can wear the most luxurious clothes and jewels, with death we are all equals. The classic La Catrina was represented with a large hat, but it then mixed with another Day of the Dead character, the Santa Muerte, a Virgin with a skeleton body. Tattoo art and Halloween dress-ups have also contributed to put more flesh (and preferably sexy) on the La Catrina, adding the idea that these superb and young women will be aging and dead too one day. Joyful, isn't it? A good advice is hiding behind all these macabre symbols: enjoying life as much as you can! With sugar, parties, good looking lovers and indeed tattoos!
La Catrina tattoos are very popular in realism, but they open up to all kind of imagination. So, if you are looking for inspiration, check our selection:
Dark realistic tattoo by Zsofia Belteczky.
Traditional La Catrina tattoos are wearing a hat, here by Steve Soto.
Great shoulder piece by Shio Zaragoza.
A full sleeve by Peter Lagergren.
A moving portrait by black and grey master Matteo Pasqualin.
A sexy La Catrina by Jun Cha.
A stunning new school backpiece by Fred Laverne!
Half sleeve by David Monster.
The mysterious and breath-taking work of Boris Tattoo...
Graphic version by Bam Bam.
Manga style by Aome.
Lovely tattoo by Alex Gotza...
Can't get more closer to perfection, by realism master Alex De Pase...
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