15 Mischievous Fox Tattoos Part 2

While our ancestors were not really keen of these cunning animals, foxes are now gladly considered a cute subject
And indeed, fox tattoos are widespread on the internet. If this first selection was not enough for you, allow us to discuss the presence of this fiery red animal in tattoo art a little more... Fox tattoos are sometimes linked to the magic reputation of this cousin of dogs and wolves. Indeed, in many ancient cultures and spiritualities, a mischievous spirit could take the appearance of the orange furry animal to play tricks on humans, either to test their kindness or for an ill turn.
This is why foxes are often called tricksters. With their fire colors, spooky screams at night and insolent behaviours toward the human's threat, they are a strong symbol of spirituality, wisdom and elegance. Often depicted in childhood's literature with human's clothes, foxes teach us to respect Nature and to live in peace with others. With their bright color, elegant hunting dance and adorable little size, there is much to love and to inspire, leading to gorgeous fox tattoos with awesome creativity and customization.
Looking for foxy ideas? Then check those vibrant and splendid fox tattoos ...