15 Poetic Elephant Tattoos

15 Poetic Elephant Tattoos

People coveting elephant tattoos often felt in symbiosis with those "Gentle Giants" at a moment of their life...
For small and fragile people, a tattoo of the massive silhouette of this African animal is helping them feeling stronger and showing how big their personality can be too, despite of their weak body. A giant, yes, coming from the oldest times of earth and very close of its mammoth ancestor, but also a very peaceful and sociable animal, living in warm and joyful families (especially females). Elephant tattoos are indeed a good tribute tattoo to your loving family, but also a poetic element suiting surrealistic and creative designs, as elephant is often associated with creation and arts in some cultures. Nothing can resist to the peaceful yet powerful walk of the elephants, and thus they symbolize the victory over life's obstacles. If you are into Hindu tattoos, the elephant god Ganesh is perfectly illustrating this wisdom, giving luck and showing how pure hearts could win. You can crave for elephant tattoos to get some fresh strength, patience and determination. Or just because they look beautiful and nice... In both cases, tattoo artists always have imagination when it comes to do elephant tattoos on their clients: so if you still need inspiration, here are some very poetic ideas...
This piece by Chris Rigoni was one of the most popular in 2014.
Lovely flying little dude with red balloons by Fabien Belly Button.
Hamsa with a Ganesh by Grant at Red Baron Ink, NYC.
Fun hip tattoo! Could you tell the names of the artist and photographer?
Graphic tattoo by Ivana Belakova.
Gorgeous back tattoo by Jaya Suartika.
By Jeremy Hamilton.
By Logan Bramlett.
Adorable circus baby elephant by Maxwell Egy.
Cool placement for this Ganesh tattoo by Niki Norberg!
Another creative tattoo by Rizza Boo.
Geometric version by Sandra Graph'Ink. And you what are your elephant tattoos?