15 Sparkling Crystal Tattoos

15 Sparkling Crystal Tattoos

If it is crystal clear that you are addicted to tattoos, maybe you should consider getting crystal tattoos.
Crystals are less luxurious than diamonds and other precious gemstones, associated with jewel tattoos. Less bling yet fascinating, crystals are coveted for their primitive aspect, closely linked to the depth of Earth, Nature and the history of our planet. Mystical and precious looking, their intricate crystaline structure is appealing to lovers of geometric tattoos. Strong, raw and yet refined, crystal tattoos are symbols of uniqueness (no crystal is similar to another), of purity (for their clarity indeed but also their preserved and secret locations) and of magic power. You can also think about Superman and Breaking Bad! ;) Catching light and warmth, crystals are thought to have mystical energy and healing powers by many ancient cultures and New Age believers. They are making colorful and edgy tattoo designs either used alone or in a surrealistic and poetic composition.
So, if you are eager to crystallize your love for those gorgeous minerals, take a closer look at this collection of shiny crystal tattoos ...
Daffodil and green crystals by Andrea Audisio.
Original thigh tattoos. Could you tell who is the artist?
Chrysanthemum with a crystaline heart by Dillon Forte.
The discreet lines of Dr Woo.
Two catchy crystal tattoos by Jessica Mach.
A strawberry turning into crystal by Katie Shocrylas.
Crystal explosion for a cool dotwork backpiece by Maxime Buchi aka MxM.
Jellyfish with a crystaline and cosmic head by Nick Broslavskiy.
Your tattoo is losing its sparkle? A tattoo artist can retouch it. Here the work of Nick Keiser.
A tattoo by Sasha Unisex.
Black and grey version by Valentin Hirsh. Do you prefer crystals white or colored?
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