16 Captivating Snake Tattoos

Snake tattoos are similar to insect and spider tattoos on one point: they are the scariest thing for people afraid of the real animals!
But snakes are more peaceful animals than you think: these reptiles only bite and attack when they are disturbed by humans and to eat small animals. Thus, snake tattoos are a possibility to say that you may look nice, but if someone mess with you or your loved one, he'd be seriously bitten! The dangerous, and indeed badass, reputation aside, snakes are beautiful creatures with precious looking skins, elegant bodies perfect to adorn the shapes of the body and deep symbolism. Ancient Greek god Asclepius was a reputable doctor, and his famous staff ornamented with a snake, the Caduceus, indeed become the symbol of the medical profession. Snake is associated with medicine and healing first for the many uses of its poison in medicines but also, and more importantly, for its ability to shed its skin and, in a way, regenerate and look young again. Snake tattoos are a good idea for illnesses survivors, former addicts and people who had a second chance in life. In Christianity, the image of the snake is very bad, due to its key role in the temptation of Adam and Eve in the Genesis, and then its association with the Devil. But in many cultures, snake is a protector, menacing the ones who want to approach what it is protecting, especially its eggs/children. Snake tattoos are certainly meaningful, but first and foremost, beautiful... Are you considering a gracious serpentine design to flatter your body or a badass traditional piece to show your dangerous side? Then, you might be interested in some quality inspiration...
A dark hypnotizing side and torso tattoo by Alexander Grim.
Whistling inside your ear forever... stunning scalp tattoo by Tye Harris!
Impressive realistic work by Yomico Moreno...
Cool neo traditional work by Teniele Sadd.
Another great one by Teniele Sadd.
The graphic touch of Su from Buena Vista Tattoo Club.
Elegant tattoo by Nomi Chi.
Rad piece by Laurian Roo.
Freaky 3D effect by Inky Joe...
Japanese traditional style by Federico Ferroni of Miami Love Hate Tattoos (Miami Ink).
Cool new school style by Dmitriy Samohin.
Flashy green by Dareck Darecki.
Smoking hot? haha! By Covil Tattoo.
Great backpiece by Benjo San.
Awesome idea: match your snake tattoos with real snakes for the coolest photos! Breath-taking work by Anil Gupta...
Great tattoo by Alice Cheked.