16 Graceful Dancer Tattoos

16 Graceful Dancer Tattoos

You have all admired this video of tattooed ballet dancer rocking Hozier's Take me to the Church, so why not talking of dancer tattoos now?
Yes, dancers and dance lovers are tattooed too, and as their body is what is the most important thing in their art, they always choose tasteful and elegant tattoos to adorn their athletic beauty while dancing. Burlesque dancers are famous for their sensual ink, and they are not the only type of dancers sporting some great pieces. Belly dancers are favoring their hips, belly and lower back, while pole dancers would put emphasis on their legs and muscular ballet dancers on their arms. But they are no rules, and if dancers have personal tattoo choices, they can also get some ink in tribute to their passion and dream job.
Dancer tattoos are joyful, dynamic and poetic, allowing a lot of creativity in the design and technique. Indeed, they can be teamed with trendy watercolor effects, to reinforce the idea of energy and grace. A professional or a hobbyist dancer, a classic dance admirer or into more traditional or modern forms of dance, if you want to illustrate your passion with some ink, there will always be perfect dance tattoos for you somewhere... So, if you are looking for inspiration, we have collected for you some balletic and beautiful dance tattoos ...
Two watercolor ballet dancers by Adam Kremer.
A burlesque pin-up by Angelique Houtkamp.
Feet tattoos are great ideas for dancers! By C.K. of Tokyotattoo.
Oriental dancer by Elia Landi.
Watercolor flamenco dancer by Gene Coffey.
Beautiful effects by Graffittoo.
Dancing quotes are also great for dancer tattoos. Do you know who is the tattooist?
Belly dancer by Jessica Swaffer.
Sketch-style belly dancer by L'Oiseau.
Truly poetic dotwork tattoo by Martyna Kądziela!
Realistic hula dancer by Max Egy.
Watercolor couple of tango dancers by Maxwell Alves.
A flexible ballet dancer by Russell Van Schaick.
A cool neo traditional belly dancer by Valerie Vargas.